Monday, February 9, 2009

A whole lot of SWAPPIN' going on at Scrap Etc.'s WISHFUL THINKING

Hey Everyone!

Have you been to a Scrap Etc. Event before? Have you played along with swaps? Well, if you have - you know it's so much fun! And if you haven't - here's your chance!


We have one swap already open and we're still taking sign ups there - you can see the info HERE.


If you are interested in a different kind of swap, feel free to go ahead and post it. Each swap just needs to have some guidelines and a plan. THAT'S IT!! Usually, when setting up a swap I just post some quick guidelines (like what is required, a theme, if there is a specific size or specific information needed, how many people can sign up, a cut off date for sign ups, etc), and then wait for people to sign up. As you get closer to the date of the event, come up with a plan for the actual swap. I've done a few where we met up at different times during the event and some where we mail things to one person and they send them all back out. If you go the second route - be sure to give enough time for everyone to send in and you to mail back out. And don't forget to take into consideration postage costs.

As we got closer to the event, I'm sure we'll be able to give you some ideas on the schedule and you can set up times to swap.

Swapping is so much fun - you get to meet people in real life, that you've been chatting with online and you get a little bit of inspiration from each person!! So, come on over to the message board forum of the Scrap Etc. site and check out what's going on. Join a swap, start a swap - makes some friends.

Hope I see you there!!

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