Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Have you seen.............


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Melodee Langworthy

I have a couple of sneak peeks for you from Melodee Langworthy.
The stamping this girl does is incredible! You are going to love the finished project!
melodee sneak peek
melodee event 2 sneek

Melodee's Class Supply List

Creamy Brown ink cat ink
Crop a dile
4 x 4 Acrylic block
2 x 2 Acrylic block
1 x 6 Acrylic block or any long skinny block that is at least 6 inches in length.
Clorox wipes or baby wipes
Sanding tool
Tape runner or your favorite adhesive

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gretchen McElveen

Just a few notes from
Gretchen McElveen:


Six of one, half dozen of another!!!

6 cards and 6 layouts, woo-hoo!!!

And, the best part, you are certain to leave with everything COMPLETE! (and, if you don't, it's only because you were too busy looking at the pics of her hot brothers!!!)

Don't worry, this class will be packed full of fabulous products from our wonderful sponsors:
American Crafts
My Little Shoebox
KI memories
My Mind's Eye
Making Memories

**Sneak peeks still to come**

Items to bring to class:
Basic Class Supply List
Needle for hand stitching

Nothing specific!
(if you want -totally optional- a few photos for the following themes: summer, family, friendship, all about me)

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little hint from Gretchen

Good Morning!! I was reading blogs this morning and WOW - there it was - a little info about Gretchen's class for Wishful Thinking!! Go check it out here: Gretchen's Blog

She's got some great companies sponsoring her class. I can't wait to see it all!!

Have a great Monday!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Attend the 2009 Scrap Etc. Event for only $10!

Hello, scrapbook friends! Yes, you read that right! You can have a chance to attend the Scrap ETC event for only $10!
Here's the scoop:

My friend B is participating in the 3 day walk to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation.

(You can read more about her part in the walk

Lucy has so kindly agreed to donate a ONE space to the be raffled for Brittney's team!

A $399 value.....for only $10.00

It's very simple. You pay $10 for a chance to attend the event.

Everyone that buys a chance will be entered, and Brittney will draw one name to be the winner. Easy, peasy!

And the best part is......your $10 will go directly to the Susan G. Komen foundation in the fight for a cure for breast cancer!

So, will you help us? Will you donate $10 for one chance, or $30 for 3 chances, etc? Each time you donate $10, you get another chance at a ticket!
If you decide to donate & enter......good luck! We are so thankful that Lucy has agreed to to this, and we hope that together, we can find a cure!

To find more details, and to donate, click here!

For updates and registration info:

If you miss anything, don't worry, you can check it out