Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Workshops

We are offering 6 unique workshops and you get to take every single one of them. Every attendee will receive the exact same experience. Each teacher will be teaching one workshop each. There may be a little "homework" that you will work on before you come. Most of it is not mandatory. It is offered and will usually mean that you will leave with a completed project. I know that some people are totally "homework" type people- they love all the preparation, and other people love to wing it- spontaneity is more their thing. With whichever choice you make, you are operating in your own creative process and we totally encourage that!

We are very excited to add an Artist's Workshop on Thursday. We will have time for you to come by and try different techniques and maybe work on some things that will help you in your classes! Hopefully, this will help complete projects during the class time.

All project specific materials will be provided. You will be responsible only to bring your basic tools and adhesives and your completed assignments with you. These Workshops will consist of lectures, altered projects, mini-albums, layouts and more. You will leave with a wide variety of projects!

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