Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Incorporating art & creativity into your busy, every day routine... discovering that you DO have an artistic side... giving yourself the confidence and freedom to pursue this, in an approachable way... welcome to modern scrapbooking.

You are listening to a song called World, by Five for Fighting. This song has such a beautiful message. Now, I don't want you to think we are going to change the world at this event. The message I want you to take with you is that we make each day what it is....all on our own. We get up each day and what we do becomes "history", it's what we are leaving behind, our legacy. I want you to be thinking of this as you are preparing for this event. We will not change the world, but we can change ours. We are scrapbookers. Our job is to preserve memories. Luckily, our job is fun and creative! We are going to have so many fun projects. Getting our hands dirty and being creative!
"Be careful what you wish for, history starts now!"

Wow, this is our 4th annual EVENT! It's so exciting! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to continue doing these events. I know times are tough for a lot of people. But..........we will still scrapbook. It's not an expensive hobby......well, not THAT expensive ;) ...........and what we get from doing it is so rewarding. Not only for ourselves, but also those that "enjoy" what we create.

We are going to have so much fun celebrating National Scrapbooking Day together! We will have fun hanging out with our fellow scrapbookers doing what we love on the day that celebrates just that!

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