Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Over $4,000 raised for Breast Cancer Awareness

So happy for Brittney! She is walking in the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. Her goal was to raise $100. She thought she could probably raise a little more than that. We had a silent auction and had several attendees and designers donate something. We had autographed books, kits, and handmade items. We gave the attendees a couple of hours to bid on silent auction sheets. As I was walking in to help Brittney close it out, someone stopped me and said we should take each item and open it to the floor. Sounded great to me.....go tell B. She did and I bet we doubled our money! It was so fun! Have you ever been to a live auction? Everyone gets into it and has fun outbidding each other. We raised around $1800 on Friday night.

Saturday night rolls around and we asked around for a few more items to auction off. Margie had on an adorable apron that was handmade by her! She offered to put it up for bid. Jessica donated 10 classes in her Scrapbooking Alchemy series, Jenni Bowlin donated 2 kits, Nancy Holley donated a camera strap and ended up donating 2 to the top 2 bidders! They went for $75 adn $80, I think! Margie's apron was a huge hit. She ended up donating to the top 2 bidders, as well. One went for $350 and the other $400!! Gretchen offered a custom mini album, Gail, Bella Blvd designer, donated a birthday mini album. We were on FIRE! It was the most exhilarating feeling! Brittney was brought to tears. So much generosity. It was a moment I will never forget. We ended up opening the floor to anyone that wanted to donate $5 or $10 and got our total up to $4000. Wow, that is a lot of money raised in a weekend. We are so blessed to have support around us. We have all been touched in some way by this disease and many of us will have to face it in our future. I am so glad we could do something to help. I know Brittney will do a great job walking 60 miles! She really is an inspiration. I am so proud to be her friend.

Margie and Brittney raising over $4000 for Breast Cancer Awareness! B is walking 60 miles in Atlanta!!! This was one of the BEST moments of the event!!

Brittney, Margie and the end of a LONG weekend. We still look pretty cute, huh?

Ray and Mary Lou! The cutest newlyweds on the block! He was so happy to be there with her! I loved watching them all weekend.

Here is that cute Stephanie from Bella Blvd, that I keep talking about. Love this girl!!

I ripped this little collage from Elizabeth's blog. It was just too easy to have so many pics in one place! Thanks, Liz!!

They muscle man in the corner is a hilarious story! He was scouting the place for an event of some kind and Margie asked for his picture! Of course, he obliged. I think he likes to pose for the camera!

The group pic is of us all setting our cameras on the table on timer and then running to get in the picture! So much fun!!

Thanks to Margie and Elizabeth for posting all the pictures. It made it so easy for me! If you have pictures from the event put a link to your blog or facebook page for us all to see! Thanks for a fantastic weekend!!

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